Getting Started

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Scheduling a Recurring Recording

Log in to your Kloud-12 dashboard using Google or One Drive.  For more help with logging in, click here. Select the RED Schedule Recording button. 3.  Select Recurring from the drop-down Recording Type. 4.  Once you have selected Recurring from the drop-down menu, your screen will auto populate with the Recurring Recordings fields.  Enter the Recording Title […]

Scheduling One-Time Recordings

Log in to your Kloud-12 dashboard using Google or One Drive.  For more help with logging in, click here. Choose the RED schedule recording button. Enter the Title for your recording and select One-Time for recording type.  These recordings will automatically upload to your Google Drive/OneDrive in a folder generated labeled Kloud-12. Once your recording […]

Logging into Kloud-12 Dashboard

Open your browser Enter the IP address for your Kloud-12 server, which will be provided to you, into the address bar on your network connected device. 3.  Once you see the two toned blue screen, SCROLL DOWN and choose Log in with Google.  DO NOT HAND ENTER your credentials.  If your school is configured with […]

Setting up folders

Kloud-12 recordings will be automatically published to either your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, making it easy to create a video library.  One-Time recordings will be uploaded to a Kloud-12 generated folder.  Recurring Recordings will go to the folder that you designate when scheduling the recording. Creating these folders before scheduling a recording keeps your […]

Editing and Deleting Recording Schedules

You may need to edit or delete recordings for various reasons.  If someone else was the assigned user to the camera in your room previously, you will need to delete any recurring schedules they may have created before you can set up your own recurring schedule.   ​Log in to Kloud-12 dashboard (sign in with […]

Creating a Video Library

So…your year has ended and you have all of these videos from your classroom camera.  You have carefully edited them, named them and stored them well.  Guess what!   You now have your own personal Library of Resources that you can use for years to come. Here are some ideas for making the most of your […]